Meet Your Hosts

Nate Kennedy (aka Nate Dog)


Builder of Funnels, Master of Ads, King of Conversions, Real Estate Marketing Expert.

Nate is the advisor and marketing strategist behind the most successful real estate investors in the country. His celebrity clients close more than 150 real estate deals every month resulting in millions in profit.  

Give First, Focus On The Goal, And ALWAYS Do The Right Thing. He is the proud author of multiple International bestselling books, with forwards by industry luminaries such as Dan Kennedy. 

Jonathan Rivera (aka Dr. JR)


Known by many names: Producer Jonathan, The King of Podcasting, Joe Nation, and since he became a father… Daddy's Working, Jonathan has been podcasting since 2009, helping some of the top names in marketing leverage the power of the spoken word to reach more people and make an everlasting impact.

Fed up after 9 years at his blue collar job, Jonathan left to pursue riches in real estate. He made lots money, lost it all and rebuilt his life from the ground up. His “family first” focus has led him to create a business that gives him the freedom to take month long “work optional” vacations.

As the proud mastermind behind The Podcast Factory, Jonathan and his team have published over 38,635 minutes of audio content - a total of 1,922 episodes and counting, with over 3,145,240 downloads. Also included in his list of accomplishments, Jonathan has written 4 books on Podcasting, launched 40 different shows and hosted 11 himself, now including Real Estatepreneurs along with Nate.